It all started when I was involved in an agricultural development project in a village called Njala, within the Nimikor Chiefdom, Kono District, Eastern Sierra Leone, West Africa, where I developed my quest to find a solution for my power needs. There is no power utility company in the village and the nearest power grid is 15 km or so from the village in Koidu city

A village of about 1,000 inhabitants and the only source of power we had was a 5KVA (approximately 5,000 watts of power) very noisy diesel generator that powers a water packaging business, a few electrical appliances and lights from 4 to 6 hours daily. It generally powers the house at most till 8:00 PM. To avoid noise pollution in a quiet and peaceful environment, I had a used 12 Volt SLA battery that I configured with a small size 12V inverter to provide lights, laptop power and charging facilities for the hours between 8 to 12 midnight depending on the load.

Charging the battery was mostly done by solar panel and my runs to the district city Koidu with my Disco Land Rover, swapping batteries to charge along the way. My desire for a renewable power solution that is completely portable and separate from the power grid was long in the making and it’s my pleasure to share my little experience hereby packaged and presented to fulfil All Kan Do power solution.

Allkan Portable Power Bank
Allkan Portable Power Bank


We're on a mission to create empowerment by offering positive change to break the common (Bra Borbor Day) negative attitude from (Beggars to Producer) and to change the living standards of our people through appropriate technology utilizing the power of the SUN. Improving capacity building in Agriculture to sustainability, directing individual and collective agro-ability to maximise benefit. We aim to make our customers especially those in the interior and remote villages to have effective means of transportation to near and far markets, to live in comfort and an affordable lifestyle.


We at Allkan Power saw a way to live in a world where people can afford to buy their needs rather than their wants, having to find a compromise and settle on the second-best option or none at all even though it might not be a necessary purchase. That's why we take a lot of time and care in getting to know our client/customer and separates their needs from wants for a maximum mutual benefit, we provide the auxiliary tools to enable your valuable and tangible output.



We are masters of our craft – we've worked a total of over 50 years in our field and each have passion and creative vision for every project we put our hands on. We're on a mission to change the living standards of our people, by improving their daily lives using Solar Technology.

Aruna Allie

Founder and CEO

Alfred Teh

Managing Director

Joseph Gandi